Two-minute crash course and FAQ

Question: What size board does my child need?

Answer: If your child is less than 4’6’’ we recommend our mini. If your child 4’7’- 5’2’’ select our 7.5 inch wide board. Go with the 8 inch if your child is 5’3’’ or taller.


Question: Why is it important for my child to ride the correct size board?

Answer: If a child is riding a board that is too long for them, it will be harder to maneuver and to learn tricks. If the board is too short, the rider’s center of gravity will be thrown off.


Question: Since my child is a beginner, can’t I just purchase an inexpensive board from a sporting goods or toy store?

Answer: Many of the boards that you would find at a sporting goods store or toy store have the right price, but that’s about it. The trucks are generally very stiff and hard to keep straight and control. Often times the wheels are plastic instead of polyurethane, which does not grip to the ground properly. The decks have little or no concave, which make performing tricks more difficult. The bearings are usually very low grade, which doesn’t allow the wheels to spin very fast or ride smoothly. Many kids get frustrated with these boards and quit before they give skateboarding a fair chance. Your child will not have any of the above issues with a Skatedogs board.


Question: What’s the difference between a trick board and a long board/cruiser board?

Answer: A trick board has a nose and a tail that curve up. This makes it possible to perform tricks on ramps or the street. You can also use a trick board for transportation. Long boards and cruiser boards have very little concave or are flat and typically have bigger and softer wheels, which give them a more comfortable and smooth ride. They are designed for riding along the boardwalk or for transportation. We only carry trick boards.


Question: When do I need to replace the skateboard and/or skateboard parts?

Answer: All the parts will last for years if you take good care of it and store it in inside. If your child skateboards frequently, the one thing that you will need to replace more frequently is the deck. They go through the most wear and tear and when the tail gets worn out, they can start to chip. This is referred to as razor tail and can also hinder a rider from performing tricks properly. The good news is you don’t have to replace all the parts, just buy a new deck and swap out the old parts when it wears out or when your child grows out of it. Our trucks and wheels are all the same size and will fit on any size deck that we carry.


Question: What are your decks made out of?

Answer: Top quality wood made from American Maple trees.


Question: What are the dimensions of your boards?

Answer: Our mini is 29.5 inches long by 7.5 inches wide. Our 7.5-inch wide board is 31.5 inches long. Our 8-inch wide board is 31.5 inches long.


Question: What type of trucks do you use?

Answer: We use Core brand trucks, which have excellent control and maneuverability.


Question: What type of wheels do you use?

Answer: We use 52mm custom Skatedogs polyurethane wheels with a medium durometer designed for skateboarding on all surfaces.


Question: What type of bearings do you use?

Answer: Our bearings are rated abec 5 which are smooth and fast and great for all levels.

Question: How long will it take to build my custom board? 

Answer: All the parts are in stock and your board will be built and shipped within one business day. 


In conclusion, with a Skatedogs board you are investing in a good quality board that will last for years. Your child will be able to perform tricks with it or use it for transportation. If you get the correct size, your child will be able to progress much faster. Your child will LOVE their new skateboard since they were able to customize it in order to express themselves with their own style. Lastly, your child will be the coolest kid on the block if they are riding a Skatedogs board!